[prk_wptext_rotator title_size=”h2″ text_color=”#27394a” effect=”rotate-1″ prk_in=”Electronically Managed Solution + Flexible Reports for Organized Billing + Automatic Invoice Production + Economical Interface + Grid and Card Views for Fast Data Access + Daily Maintenance Reports”]

Keeping track of large multi-meter systems can prove to be tedious and costly. After seeing what our customers had available to them on the market, we knew we could provide a better solution for them.

Since then, we’ve compiled all of our Research and Development might into crafting the tools necessary to quickly, efficiently, and accurately deliver consumer data to our end-users. Through grids, graphs, reports, and automatic invoices, the Bont Software multi-tenant metering solution saves you money and time by granting your employees and your customers a responsive and intuitive layout for viewing their important data.

Continuum™ SCADA | Bont – Multi-Tenant Metering