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The extraordinary cost of upgrading a SCADA system has kept thousands of companies across the globe from meeting new Web based Visualization technology requirements. While the existing SCADA system may meet the majority of the company’s needs, training new operators on software with strange complexities and unintuitive designs leads to massive overhead, as well as drastically increased chances of failure in times of emergency.

Continuum™ changes all of that.

With Continuum™, your existing SCADA application receives a new extension in visual connectivity, with a sleeker, faster, more accessible, and more intuitive Information Platform Portal. With a direct interface to your information process’s from SCADA to the Business layer, you can get all of your process information from your own web browser! In addition, with the new Drag and Drop visual design concept, you can easily add screens based on a widget concept, create new reports on the fly, and show data from multiple sources on one screen. Set up security, browse unit notes, run and view your reports, all from the same, simple interface.

With this new technology, the company or their service provider can deploy the solution within days, versus months.

Oh, and there’s absolutely no tag limits, a single core product for design and installation, and unlimited licenses are at some of the lowest costs on the market.

Continuum™ is the fast, customizable solution you never knew you needed. Give us a call to find out more.

Let your SCADA system do what it’s great at; let us extend its value to the next tier.

Available Widgets

  • GIS Map
  • Communication Statistics
  • Device Group / Route Manager
  • Device Detail
  • Grid Rules
  • Tree View
  • OPC Commands
  • Report Viewer
  • Summary Grid
  • Trends
  • Weather
  • User Defined Properties

Technical Overview

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