Application monitoring isn’t the only important part of structuring a reliable flow of business information. Our developers are well-versed in SQL Server, Visual Studio, and a variety of other platforms from which to organize and transmit your data.

We interface with your existing data warehouses or set up new methods per your business model for caching and historizing your important information. We then present that information in a concise and legible format, either scheduled or on demand.

Manage your entire production team straight from your web browser. No extra applications needed, just visit your very own web page tailored to your business needs. Bont Software’s industry-leading Continuum product gives you a management platform that’s customizable down to the smallest detail.

Create individual portals to suit your needs on the fly, in minutes. Utilize our built-in array of widgets to show tabular data, trends, view reports, or even send OPC commands – directly from any web browser.

Bont Software has spent years hiring and training certified information platform engineers. With experience spanning energy, manufacturing, and power distribution, our computer scientists and engineers specialize in meeting both traditional and modern expectations.

Our expertise runs the entire spectrum from simple sensors to PLCs and RTUs to high performance HMI and database systems. We utilize respected industry standards and proven best practices to provide your team with a familiar, intuitive management environment.

Adherence to Standards

Synchronize all of your plants, stations, or offices with clean and uniform standards. Our engineers can help you find the right middle-ground between best practice and practicality, ensuring everyone along the chain of command has a clear understanding of your workflow.

Custom Modifications

Want something specifically for your company's setup? We've got you covered with the ability to quickly adapt to your needs with custom modifications to your application.

On-Site Visits

Find it easier to communicate your ideas in person? No problem! Our engineers are available to be scheduled for on-site visits to help you out face-to-face.

Responsive Support

We have well-versed computer scientists and engineers who are available to help you with any problems or questions. We pride ourselves on spoiling you with quick responses and solutions to any issues affecting your production environment.

Timely Deliveries

We work hard to provide you with the most accurate estimates possible. We lay out an extensive plan and then follow it to the letter, ensuring you can manage your projects without budgetary concerns.


We want you to ``want to use us,`` not ``need to use us.`` That's why we offer rigorous training classes to help your staff get up to speed with your new solution. After completing our courses, you'll have your very own application managers!



In today’s modern world, static applications are too expensive, too rigid, and too time-consuming to design, develop, and maintain. Giant software suites couple their large entry costs with exponential fees that transform a simple request into a large, red-tape filled financial catastrophe.

Since 2002, Bont Software has been committed to developing cost effective, flexible, and quick-to-install dynamic solutions to address these industry problems. With customizable and adaptable applications, such as our HTML5 Continuum client, we can get your management environment up and running in less than a week.

Our mission is to ensure our customers have the right information on which to base their business decisions. Whether that information is coming from a simple scale out in your lumber yard, or from thousands of flow computers in your oil field, we return your information in a coherent, user-friendly format.

After 15 years of experience working with numerous HMI platforms, we continue to take this expertise to generate efficient cost effective products like Continuum™ and GQ-Sync to enhance existing technology. We pride ourselves on adhering to customer specifications in order to produce the greatest value from existing technology, and working with existing service providers.

If you are looking to move forward into the modern age, or even if you just want to upgrade your current Information Platform to fit today’s standards, Bont Software thrives at consolidating your data into an intuitive format.

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