[prk_wptext_rotator title_size=”h2″ text_color=”#27394a” effect=”rotate-1″ prk_in=”Gas Quality Synchronizer + Productivity Software for Gas Companies + AGA Aggregation Validation + Cuts Upload Times by 90% + Supports Multiple RTU Types + Reads, Writes, and Archives”]

The Gas Quality Synchronizer (GQSync for short) solves a problem that has plagued the gas industry for decades – keeping the Gas Quality information synchronized between a CONTROLLER and permanent storage. Permanent storage can be any ODBC compliant measurement databases such as MSSQL, Solomon, P2, PGAS, Flow-Cal, etc.

  • From a simple interface, GQSync keeps your Gas Quality data synchronized between the field and your accounting system.
  • You control what data is sent to the field, what is read from the field, what is read from the archive, and what is stored in the archive.
  • GQSync contains a touch menu for tablets and mobile devices. This makes it easier to navigate the control menus in cases where it is hard to click/tap them.
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