Bont Software & Control Systems, Inc. develops Software Solutions for the Industrial Automation Industry. Founded in 2002, the company’s decades of experience in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Water, Manufacturing, and Power Distribution Industries has grown and expanded to support numerous clients with their advanced technology.

Bont Software achieves amazing ROI’s spanning numerous industries with their new Continuum™ technology utilizing Business Level Database Integration, an IIoT Vision, and Platform Independent Technologies. For the Energy Sector, their SCADA Enterprise Platform™ technology is key to achieving deployment speeds clocking in at 30% the cost of traditional solutions.

Bont Software’s Corporate Development Vision utilizes innovative computer science and electrical engineering graduates, trained in the latest theories, with a history of established engineering disciplines to produce new products that meet the greatest needs in the industry, by:

  • Understanding Industrial Software SCADA Platforms, where certification is required by many Vendors, and easily integrating into each platform, or I/O server
  • Understanding Business Process Flow, from SCADA to MES integration Software, to HTML5 visual needs in the field
  • Understanding RTU/PLC Programming, benefits, difficulties, protocols, and support
  • Understanding Proprietary SQL Server designs, to MSQL server expansion and reports
  • Understanding Visual Studio designing techniques for new technology deployment
  • Understanding the Oil and Gas Industries, including Software Tools that support EFM Archived Data Management, Gas Analytic discrepancies, Managing a high volume of meters, and High Speed Deployment of (DA) data acquisition tools with prebuilt reports tied to Real-Time data, measurement data, and alarms

Bont Software works with partners and trains service providers, integrators, and customers to utilize the latest technology to expand and continuously develop and support new and advanced methods of generating new information management environments.

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